Choosing the Best High Street Bank in Bicester

A Guide to Finding the Right Savings Account

Welcome to Danny Kelly new blog, Danny Kelly is a bank manager based in Bicester. Learn more about how you can find the right savings account for you by reading the below advice from Danny.

Whether you are planning on opening a new bank account or switching to a new one, you want the one that will fit your needs. You want an account where you are sure that the features are going to benefit you best. Considering how important the role of your bank account plays in terms of your day to day finances, knowing what to look for is indeed important.

You want to choose the right account that will fit your need. Most people choose a current account in terms of managing their everyday finances. This allows the user to pay bills either by standing order or Direct Debit, access overdrafts and withdraw cash from any cashpoint machine among others.

danny kelly lloyds bank

Some people prefer packaged accounts. It offers extra features as coverage for car breakdowns, insurance coverage, as well as other extra services and special offers. Checking out how many of the additional features the account offers will actually be useful to you is important. Otherwise, you might want to check if you can get an account with lesser features for a much cheaper price.

If you cannot open a standard current account, you can choose to get a fee-free basic account. This is perfect for people who have a low credit rating or those that still do not have an established credit history. An account like this, once the holder has had for quite a long time, will likely be converted by the bank into a current account.

There are also bank accounts that are specifically offered to graduates and students. Most banks offer an account that is specifically offered to students. They are usually offered with an interest-free overdraft up to a specific amount. These are often attractive accounts offered to graduates as most banks would like to secure them as long-time customers.

When looking for a bank account, it is important to compare not only their features but their charges as well. Fees tend to vary significantly between banks and even between accounts so, taking a closer look at what the figures actually are is essential. The same is true for charges and overdraft costs.

Check on the incentives too. Many banks tend to offer various deals to help them attract new customers. However, it would help if one were to check first if there really are no strings attached. It is best to not only consider short-term offers, but their long-term effects as well so one does get to select the account that would be best suitable for you.

Decide who you are going to deal with your bank too. There are people that would prefer to deal with their banks in person. There are also others that would prefer the convenience of internet or telephone banking. Some banks offer telephone, internet, or mobile banking. Make sure that they will have a cash point somewhere that is convenient and that the fees are minimal. Also, make sure that they have excellent customer service too, so dealing with them every time is going to be a breeze. Learn more about how to find the best high street bank to suit your need by reading about Danny Kelly Bank Manager online here. You can also Like Danny Kelly Bank Manager Facebook page here and Follow Danny Kelly Bank Manager on Twitter here.



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